cleaning is not our favorite activityLet’s face it, cleaning is not our favorite activity, yeah, not at all, we believe it’s too boring, time-consuming and we, secretly, hate it a lot. So any time we think about washing the windows, vacuum-cleaning, refreshing the carpet, or even about the end of tenancy cleaning we master our procrastination skills. There are things, however, that have to be cleaned in a minute, and otherwise you won’t be able to clean them at all. And in the end you will forget the moment you preferred watching the new Game of Thrones episode, but you will see an awful stain every day, and you will certainly hate yourself.

The wine stains

You are having a lovely family dinner or you are hanging out with a couple of friends, when suddenly, one of you spills a whole glass of wine on the carpet, of course. So, shocked you don’t know what to do and too often decide to leave this tedious work for the next day. What a mistake! When it’s about wine stains, you have to be fast – find a spirit or a simple alcoholic drink and use it for cleaning the fabric. It works, seriously, but only when you do it immediately.

The fingerprints

You’ve invited a couple of your family friends for a nice relaxing day at home – you are chilling, the kids are playing and everyone is completely happy, until the time for lunch comes and even worse the moment when not only your kid, but a couple of them, start walking through your house with greasy dirty fingers. And they all have to touch the walls, for sure. Then you think about the end of tenancy cleaning and you are terrified. Don’t waste time, but clean all the fingerprints with a wet clout and warm water, before they all accumulate into the walls.

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