Pyramids, pharaohs, sands – Egypt at its finest

Pyramids, pharaohs, sands – Egypt at its finest

Myths and legends, movies and books are all about a civilization so ancient you can hardly imagine, a civilization that was born in a place full of beautiful fine sands, where the weather is hot, the air hard to breathe and the atmosphere as if you are back in that time, thousands and thousands of years ago, when the pharaoh was alive and he was a God on Earth, he was bathing in milk, carried by slaves, surrounded by people who worshiped him and bowed to him, and was buried in a tomb so magnificent and sublime that leaves you out of breath.

Egypt welcomes you with so much to offer that a bunch of sensations and emotions combined with the boiling hotness blurs your mind and delights your adventurous soul.   Read More

Why is guest blogging so good for SEO?

macbook-336692_1280Recently the Matt Cutt’s statement was totally disproved. It was some time ago, when he claimed that guest blogging was dead, especially for SEO needs. The whole marketing industry and all the people who were somehow connected to it, however, were then firstly a little bit skeptical, because they didn’t know what might happen if they continue guest blogging, but then it all went back to normal and the success they achieved using this marketing tool made them believe that it will never (or at least not in the following year, for sure) die.   Read More

Pick up pet hair quickly and efficiently

Pick up pet hair quickly and efficiently

The moment you got your cat year and a half ago, you absolutely loved it. And you still do, it is super cute and it is always there waiting for you when you come home, it cuddles and purrs. You moved in and started living with your beloved one some time later, but your lovely kitten came with you as well, and it made your new home cozier and a lot closer. terrier-410298_1280Having a pet means sharing and love and togetherness and safety, early wake-ups, some scratches and a lot of cares, but it means that you have a little someone to rely on, someone, who would be there in the middle of the night when you are sad and you are desperately crying and you feel lonely, it would be there when your heart is full of joy and the smile doesn’t go down from your face, when you are jumping and laughing, when your family extends. You will grow together and only it could teach you some things about life you better always have in mind. It all sounds perfectly nice and it is, but there is a little something that annoys you too damn much and this is the pet hair, which turns out to be everywhere. So the real question is, how could you remove it? You have to find a solution now, or your end of tenancy cleaning would fail because of this fuzz everywhere.   Read More

The creative chaos

room-627215_1280…or why cleaning someone’s mess will confuse him 

We are all too different – we have diverse dreams, desires, aims, feelings and emotions, we have different ideas in life, we like different books, movies, music genres and clothes, different homes and diverse pieces of art. We are too different to have the same habits. And while there are many of us who cannot imagine their lives if everything is not organized – the schedule about the next week, the plans about the summer holiday, and the winter one as well, the end of tenancy cleaning next month, the office, the kitchen, the entire house. Read More

If you don’t clean them now, you will hate yourself later

cleaning is not our favorite activityLet’s face it, cleaning is not our favorite activity, yeah, not at all, we believe it’s too boring, time-consuming and we, secretly, hate it a lot. So any time we think about washing the windows, vacuum-cleaning, refreshing the carpet, or even about the end of tenancy cleaning we master our procrastination skills. There are things, however, that have to be cleaned in a minute, and otherwise you won’t be able to clean them at all. And in the end you will forget the moment you preferred watching the new Game of Thrones episode, but you will see an awful stain every day, and you will certainly hate yourself. Read More

Have you realized that you are thus wasting your money?

coffee-833123_1280You want to buy that magically beautiful and perfectly enthralling dress you saw a week ago, because you simply know that it is so damn perfect that no one could take his eyes of you when you wear it later.

You want to buy a new laptop, because the old one is not working properly and annoys you and if you have a better, more up to date one, this will optimize your work and you will manage to cope with more in less time.

Or you have been dreaming about that one week holiday in Italy for so long that when you close your eyes you imagine the little lumpy streets in the center of Rome, the architecture and the history that take you back in time and leave a weird sensation in your heart, you see the pizza, the pasta and the wine perfectly well and you dream about the gelato. Ok, ok, wake up. Read More

The perfect flat for rent in London and how to find it

cambridge-66714_1280It is all too subjective, isn’t it? What does perfect really mean? It is indeed a matter of perception and while for one person the location of the home is determining, other find its area and interior design of great importance. We all like different things and it is so logical and understandable.

For this reason, however, if you want to find the home of your dreams, if you want to rent the perfect flat, you have to make some efforts by yourself.

And now London is a huge city with people of many different nationalities, the housing market here is developing and changing with hours and too often your first intention to make some kind of research online and to pick some flats that seem to answer your requirements, would fail. But, no, this does not mean that you have to skip this step. Contrariwise, check everything online. But relying to find a home there, without visiting it at all, is naïve. So better don’t have too high expectations and follow these other steps.   Read More

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