The purest form of marketing online, the most useful marketing tool today – it sounds so powerful and so successful – the guest blogging, I mean, but is it indeed? This is maybe the tactic, which if done professionally will bring you the best results possible, but then the next question is so logical: what does professionally mean? The good guest posting is not spammy and moreover it is not done with the sole purpose of including some links, which will lead to another website. No, this is not what the experts offer. Only an article with a high-quality content, which is not only absolutely original, but really interesting, grabbing attention, posted in a blog with enviable technical parameters, a blog with a magnificently nice design and presentation can extend your reach. And here are the three things that matter indeed: the links, the blog maintenance and the social sharing. If not relevant, and if not included lightly and naturally, the links are useless and pointless, just like the entire guest blogging as a whole. If the blog is not maintained, but is created for a single article only and is forgotten and left ever since, the expected result won’t be achieved as well. And in era when the social media rules our lives, if this guest post doesn’t get the needed social sharing, you will be again disappointed. It’s all clear and explicit, I believe. If not done by someone with experience in the marketing industry, the guest posting will hardly succeed. And yet: traffic or audience? This marketing method brings you both and for this reason it is considered as the absolute best: traffic that improves your SEO and thus extends your reach and more audience or differently said, you being introduced to far more people.


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