coffee-833123_1280You want to buy that magically beautiful and perfectly enthralling dress you saw a week ago, because you simply know that it is so damn perfect that no one could take his eyes of you when you wear it later.

You want to buy a new laptop, because the old one is not working properly and annoys you and if you have a better, more up to date one, this will optimize your work and you will manage to cope with more in less time.

Or you have been dreaming about that one week holiday in Italy for so long that when you close your eyes you imagine the little lumpy streets in the center of Rome, the architecture and the history that take you back in time and leave a weird sensation in your heart, you see the pizza, the pasta and the wine perfectly well and you dream about the gelato. Ok, ok, wake up. Too sadly, all these things you want to do or possess have nothing to do with the reality. And you know why? Your bank account is empty, your debit card too and the credit card is a restricted option since the last year’s bad experience. But it is not that you don’t earn enough, not at all, and that is even more tragic, because you waste your money without even realizing. Well, here are some of the habits you most probably have, but should get rid of. And if you do it know, I promise you that you will feel the difference soon.

The take away coffee

Coffee is religion and a rescue, freedom – it brings unique sensations and delightful pleasure, but this all has its price like everything in life, dear. So do not overdo. Make a coffee at home before you go to work and drink it while you are checking your email or the social media. Make another one at work then, where you won’t have to spend some money as well. And I don’t want to tell you that you should never ever have a take away one, because life is all about pleasures, but just not twice a day, every day. You will notice the difference in the end of the month.

The shipping

Online shopping is nice and useful and in many cases it might save you a lot of money, but without realizing you may be spending far too much money for shipping for things you can easily buy at the same prices in the downtown. Think about it!

The eating habits

You are going to the grocery and you are buying enough food for far more people then you only or your family, but then you end up ordering for dinner pizza the one night and burgers the other. For lunch you choose to go to a restaurant with some colleagues or to buy a fast food meal and eat it in the park. In the end of the month you not only have spent too much money for eating out, but the goods you’ve bought are spoiled as well. And the result – despairing.