The moment you got your cat year and a half ago, you absolutely loved it. And you still do, it is super cute and it is always there waiting for you when you come home, it cuddles and purrs. You moved in and started living with your beloved one some time later, but your lovely kitten came with you as well, and it made your new home cozier and a lot closer. terrier-410298_1280Having a pet means sharing and love and togetherness and safety, early wake-ups, some scratches and a lot of cares, but it means that you have a little someone to rely on, someone, who would be there in the middle of the night when you are sad and you are desperately crying and you feel lonely, it would be there when your heart is full of joy and the smile doesn’t go down from your face, when you are jumping and laughing, when your family extends. You will grow together and only it could teach you some things about life you better always have in mind. It all sounds perfectly nice and it is, but there is a little something that annoys you too damn much and this is the pet hair, which turns out to be everywhere. So the real question is, how could you remove it? You have to find a solution now, or your end of tenancy cleaning would fail because of this fuzz everywhere.  

The vacuum-cleaner

This wonderfully magical device could save your life, seriously, and when there is pet hair on the sofa and on the carpet, on the chairs, on the bed and every other place covered with fabrics, grab the vacuum-cleaner and start cleaning. The result might not be absolutely perfect, but I promise that the whole situation would be a lot nicer, because thus you will get rid of a great amount of the hair. And the best news is that only this device can perfectly remove the hair from normal surfaces like the wood floor or the kitchen table where your cat lays from time to time. So do it regularly, if necessary even once a day, because keeping your home clean is indeed important. And do not forget to empty the vacuum-cleaner bag as well.

The pet hair remover

The traditional one was the roller, while now there are optimized pet hair removers in different shapes, but all with same goal. Grab it and start cleaning the fabrics, and this magical tool instantly lifts every single pet hair. It is super easy and super-fast, change the texture pads then and you are ready for the next cleaning session.

The rubber gloves

You have them at home, we all have them, but we haven’t expected at all that they can achieve so nice results. The only thing you need is clean warm water. Dampen the gloves in there and start collecting the awful fuzz. Here, however, you should be more precise, because otherwise you may just spread the pet hair absolutely everywhere. If you are doing it well, it is indeed the easiest cleaning solution.

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