Myths and legends, movies and books are all about a civilization so ancient you can hardly imagine, a civilization that was born in a place full of beautiful fine sands, where the weather is hot, the air hard to breathe and the atmosphere as if you are back in that time, thousands and thousands of years ago, when the pharaoh was alive and he was a God on Earth, he was bathing in milk, carried by slaves, surrounded by people who worshiped him and bowed to him, and was buried in a tomb so magnificent and sublime that leaves you out of breath.

Egypt welcomes you with so much to offer that a bunch of sensations and emotions combined with the boiling hotness blurs your mind and delights your adventurous soul.  

Where to start from, you don’t know, the museums full of things made so long ago, the mask of the Tutankhamen and so many mummies, so many dead bodies and dead souls, artefacts and stones you touch, stones touched by ancient people, who managed to carry them and to use them so as to build august pyramids where there Gods on Earth could live their lives after death. A mythology so fascinating and so unbelievably logical impresses you and you are on a boat in the middle of Nile, this one and only river, which makes the deserted landscape somehow different. You arrive in a new place, a valley, full of tombs, tombs digged deep into the Earth. You are going down and down and all the walls you are passing by are painted and there are entire stories you can understand and they grab your attention so damn much that you believe there is nothing more that can amaze you, but you are down there in the big spacious place where the mummy was, surrounded by the most precious and all the love of the people. Egypt changes you, changes your perception of life and love and death. What is death indeed? A civilization so old made it a cult and isn’t it?