cleaning-650x300We hear how pleasant the cleaning is almost every day; we watch different commercials where happy, smiley and careless woman clean with a noteworthy ease every kind of surface, every stain and spot on the carpet, every fingerprint on the walls. Different people from different media try to convince us how the cleaning is the new training, how it burns calories and makes you fit, when in reality it only makes you nervous.

This tip is from SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Yeah, let’s go back to the reality where all of your attempts to clean the house end up into turning the so called home into a battle-field full of different appliances like vacuum- and steam cleaners, mops, cloths and rugs, detergents and cleaning tools, where you need hours to remove the grease from the oven and you give up right before starting with the second task for the day because it’s already 8 p.m., the reality where magic doesn’t happen and you are stuck into your home sad, gloomy and restless the whole weekend because the same wonderful ladies from the TV told you that the spring cleaning is something you simply cannot postpone. Oh, wait, the reality where you have to be creative, assiduous and patient, where you have to be able to climb to wash the windows, to squat so as to get rid of the dust from every possible place. The same reality where the cleaning is not fun. Yeah, it’s boring, stressful, time-consuming and difficult. So, take my advice and save yourself the trouble, sit on the couch with a cup of coffee, or even better with a glass of wine, make the proper research online and find one of the best London’s professional cleaners, because, for God sake, we only have one life.

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