room-627215_1280…or why cleaning someone’s mess will confuse him 

We are all too different – we have diverse dreams, desires, aims, feelings and emotions, we have different ideas in life, we like different books, movies, music genres and clothes, different homes and diverse pieces of art. We are too different to have the same habits. And while there are many of us who cannot imagine their lives if everything is not organized – the schedule about the next week, the plans about the summer holiday, and the winter one as well, the end of tenancy cleaning next month, the office, the kitchen, the entire house. Everything should be in good order, otherwise they are going mad. In the same time there are people who like the chaos – no, they are not lazy or absent-minded, they have enough time and energy, but they simply adore it. And if we try to arrange this creative chaos, the result will be disastrous and we will definitely screw up their lives.

But is the creative chaos really a thing? Well, you will be amazed by the reality and the fact that there are people that will find what they are looking for in their messy homes a lot faster than you in your perfectly organized ones. And the mess is what we see, a perfect working place, or living one is what they relish. In fact most of the creative people, of those who have dedicated their lives to art, are so messy and unorganized that a fastidious people will have a heart-attack in their homes. You see a desk full of papers and sketches and pencils and diaries, full of mugs with coffee or empty ones and an ash-try, frames and photos, books and newspapers. And they take a look at this whole place and find inspiration, bliss, delight. Don’t break their hearts, don’t tidy their places!