In this article I will introduce you to several types of quick loans.

1. Payday loans with bad credit history

Image of banner“Emergency credit for people with bad credit history” – your credit file contains information about you as a recipient of credits, how you pay them, whether you have overdue payables and loans that you do not pay. Who would have granted another loan provided that he is aware that you are not past due?

It is possible, but with very unfavorable enslavement conditions for many loan ads – overpriced interest, pledge on movable or immovable property, mortgages and others.

So you may not be able to deal with the new obligation and take away property, deprive yourself of valuables.

2.Easy instant loans

There are many loans offers right away, but you can not afford the money immediately without signing the requiredImage of banner documents, especially the credit agreement. It is a bilateral document and, in order to be valid and valid, must be signed by both parties, both by the creditor and by the borrower.

Read carefully the contract, re-read all the documents you sign. Especially note that there are no hidden clauses, there is no small font, no ambiguous expressions, and ambiguous phrases that can be interpreted in reverse, wrapped text with vague content. Easy and immediately sounds great, but you anticipate the consequences and do not let yourself be misled.

3.”Loans without Interest,” “Totally Free Loans,” “You Get So Much Money and You Pay Absolutely the Same Amount”

Image of bannerThere are such loans, they are granted by some financial companies for quick loans. They are really without any cost, credit without interest, no fees.

But here you have to keep in mind that it is only about the first credits you get in a financial company when you become a client for the first time and when you return the money within a fixed fixed term – up to 14, up to 15, up to 21 or up to 30 days.

4.Loans at the lowest interest rateImage of banner

The issue of interest rates and various loan ads is very serious. Make a comparative analysis, check more financial companies, see interest rate newsletters, indexes and percentages. What interest do you refer to in the ad – fixed for a long repayment period, a variable for a short period of time?


Interest is not an independent dimension, it is influenced by many factors. Fast loans are usually granted at high interest rates, the repayment term of loans by banks is prolonged, which makes them more expensive. The cost of the credit service is a much broader concept, it includes interest as the main component, the interest may be lower, but the fees are high.

Some credit applications have application fees, fees for document viewing, money draws, current account opening and maintenance fees, credit management and handling fees, prepaid repayment fees, and more. There may be commissions and other extra costs, all to make your credit more expensive.

If you want to know how to recognize bad loans read this article.