macbook-336692_1280Recently the Matt Cutt’s statement was totally disproved. It was some time ago, when he claimed that guest blogging was dead, especially for SEO needs. The whole marketing industry and all the people who were somehow connected to it, however, were then firstly a little bit skeptical, because they didn’t know what might happen if they continue guest blogging, but then it all went back to normal and the success they achieved using this marketing tool made them believe that it will never (or at least not in the following year, for sure) die.  

But if you are still wondering, why is it so good and preferred for SEO and how exactly are the sales increased and your brand growing, here are the answers. In fact the guest post doesn’t provide a simple link, it provides an article, which is well written and purposeful, it answers the questions of the people and it offers a story similar to their experience, their emotions. This article is absolutely original and its content is on very high-level. The links should not be intrusive, but have to be included naturally, lightly. When someone reads that blog post, he should not find them too obvious, too annoying. Unfortunately, having only these two, you won’t achieve anything. And here come the crucial elements of the guest blogging, almost always neglected, but determining for the final result. These are the overall appearance of the blog, its design and maintenance and its technical parameters. Only they can optimize the position in the search engines indeed. And last but not least is the social sharing. Through it your post reaches more people, you gain more traffic, but become more recognized as well. Guest blogging might be dead only for a person, who cannot use it properly, only for an unprofessional.







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