human-769025_1280-650x300You can understand a lot about a person when he is coping with a situation like lost luggage, they say. Are you mad then, or you are calm and sure that everything will be OK, are you panicking or you are screaming at the people around, believing that your life is miserable and all your belongings lost forever. For sure, the way you cope with something that disturbs your everydayness shows indeed your real self. But not only the lost luggage, the rainy days and the tangled Christmas lights are the things that you can learn a lot about someone from. Our simple packing routine, for instance, is in a way a reflection of ourselves. So, tell me how you are preparing for your holiday, and I will tell if I could love you. This is the simplicity of life.  

The organized packer

Ok, you have a list with everything you will need for your one-month holiday or a simple long weekend abroad and have you prepared it so long ago. Obviously, you are not an organized packer only, but an organized person. You want to know always what is happening and you are not keen on the idea of living on the edge and being uncertain about something in your life. Two days before your trip, your luggage is ready, two hours before the flight you are at the airport; you are meticulous, but somehow provident. Probably, you could have some little mess in your everydayness without wanting to suicide.

The last-minute packer

Oh, you have two hours till your flight, but in contrast to the organized packer, you are still at home and you believe that you have ages to pack your luggage. Well, you don’t have and you realize it when you cannot find half of your clothes and the other half is not laundered and ready for a trip and you end up with some extempore outfits you don’t absolutely like and of course, you are late, again. We can make some conclusions about you because of these simple facts – you are probably too messy and I don’t mean your home or suitcase, but your whole life. Yeah, it’s nice not to have everything planned and to be spontaneous some time, but no one really likes being in touch with people who have their watches for accessories only and never arrive on time and who are too focused in their selves so that they could help you when you need them to.

Right in the middle packer 

You are most of us. No, you don’t have lists and you haven’t checked the weather forecast million times, but you have made some efforts to prepare a couple of outfits, your makeup, cosmetics and everything you might probably need some time earlier. You haven’t checked in two hours before the flight, but you did right so you had some time for shopping as well. You are right in the middle – you have a little messy organization that is cute and that is so you.